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5 of the Most Common Problems Faced by Retirees –  Retirement is supposed to be a time of relaxation, but there are a lot of new things to learn and changes to face. Start here.

5 More Common Problems Faced by Retirees – The changes and issues retirees face don’t stop at #5. Here are a few more with ways to address them.

7 Steps for Financial Progress – Here are 7 practical ideas to cut expenses and increase savings.

8 Financial Moves to Make in Your 20’s –  8 moves to make now and a good look at why you need to start aiming for financial freedom now and not tomorrow. A realistic look at compound interest – working for or against you.

Advance Directives, from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration – This is a downloadable resource from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration intended to help Florida consumers better understand Advance Directives.

Aging in Place – Most Americans have made it clear that they want to stay in their home as long as possible – it’s home! Here are some things to consider to make that possible.

Americans in Debt – Why debt is such a huge American problem and how to get started on getting out of debt.

Annuities – this is an outside article discussing what an annuity is and giving helpful information allowing you to understand some of the issues about the complex contracts that are called annuities. This site is maintained by a commercial company that purchases annuities.

The Apostle Paul on Money and Generosity – In my opinion, the apostle Paul was the greatest Christian. He also wrote extensively on money and generosity. His writings on those two topics form the essential core of Christian writing on how believers should view their money, possessions and wealth – and how they should be generous. Talk a look at Paul’s heart. 

Are You a Financial Pharisee? – To not be hypocritical, each of us needs to answer a few hard questions about how we live and how we give and share. If you don’t you risk being a financial Pharisee, and no one wants that, do they?

Are You Giving Your Kids Money to Burn? – Maybe giving a lot to your children isn’t just a bad idea, maybe it is a disaster. Learn about the risks, the alternatives, and how you can craft a family stewardship philosophy.

Are You Ready for Retirement? – Well, are you? Here are many life details you need to seriously consider long before retirement. Here are 15 things that you must consider to have a joyful and successful retirement.

Are You Really Content? Really? – Christians are called to live in contentment. But do we really do that? See how it really is possible.

Are You Visibly Committed to God? – Think about the impact appearances have on the world. Yes, the heart matters, but what a person appears to be to the world matters a lot as well, in part it is a witness to who and whose you are. Learn how people see Christians (and you) financially.

Are Your Kids Involved in Your Giving? – Have your family work together on your finances and especially your estate plan and giving. Here is a real-life disaster.

Aren’t Stocks a Risky Investment? – Too many people believe the risks are too great. Learn what the potential benefits are and how to minimize the risks.

Avoid Student Loan Debt – The Idlewild Foundation Scholarship program has given $1.4 million in scholarships and we have a long way to go!

Be Generous and Live Well – Our goals should always include living well and living in step with God. How can we do both at the same time? One way is by being generous which has many social, medical and spiritual benefits. Learn more here.

Being Cash Poor Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Give – Having a high net worth doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of money. Take a look at how you can give even when you lack the cash to do it.

Be Generous and Live Well – One of the more striking statements that I have read is “I’ve never met an unhappy generous person.” Read on to see why that is – and will always be – true, Biblically, scientifically, relationally and logically.

Budget Breakers – A thoughtful look at 4 of the largest “unnecessary” areas of expenses that break budgets and create financial stress.

Called to Work, Part 1 – Far too many people hate work and look at it as something they must do that keeps them from better things, including serving God. The theology of work says work is a God-given blessing. Learn more!

Called to Work, Part 2 – The rest of the article on the blessing and calling of our work, relying on God’s Word.

Can Generosity be Contagious? – A look at a new science, the science of generosity, called SciGen, and the amazing discovery by secular scientists that God made people generous, right down to our genes.  

Checking on Your Financial Freedom and More – Is your goal financial security, financial independence or financial freedom? And what do those words mean and how are they different? Then learn how you can become joyfully free!

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #1, Part 1 – The first in a series of articles directed at the church as a whole using the parables of Jesus as a starting point- and here the focus is on truth.  it is too easy to ignore sin and even to ignore the attacks upon the church, many of which start inside the four walls of the church itself. The church cannot ignore its own people and its own problems and point fingers at others.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church#1, Part 2 – Part 2 continues our look at the need for truth. Let’s look at three more lessons learned from the events surrounding Jesus clearing the Temple and a few basic truths that are not often faced.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #1, Part 3 – Part 3 completes this article on the need for truth with a look at why people leave or avoid the church – and it has a lot to do with the reasons why Jesus cleared the money changers out of the Temple.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #2 – The story of the widow’s mite, in context, has powerful lessons for many churches today. One lesson is that generosity isn’t about the amount. Other lessons are perhaps more important today as overall, attendance decreases and the influence of the wealthy increases. Read on and learn more.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church  #3 – There is deep meaning in the story about Caesar’s coin in Mark 12, meaning that can help us today. How did Jesus respond to challenges that blend religion and politics? He did it well – read and learn.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #4 – Here are four lessons for the church – and we are the church – to learn and live from the parable of the talents.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #5 – The parable of the sower or the four soils has lessons for everyone from the unbeliever to the baby Christians to the cultural Christians right up the rest of us, people I call growing Christians because we should never stop growing. Read on to learn how to be blessed by the hundred-fold crop.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #6 – The parable of the friend at night teaches a great lesson on truly outrageous persistent prayer, a lost art in the church. Let’s get back to journaling and prayer with true consistency and passion.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #7 – The parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl are short and challenging both to the individual and to the church. To the individual there is a challenge of the incredible value of the kingdom of heaven with faith, trust and risk highlighted. To the church there is a challenge of teaching these parable correctly. Our real lesson is eternal; the church needs to aggressively but respectfully and boldly present the gospel to a lost world.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #8 – The parable of the laborers in the vineyard is a beautiful illustration of a truth – salvation is a gift, not a reward. It is also a great demonstration of God’s incredible generosity to us. Keep your eyes focused on His mercy, and not on your works or service.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #9 – The parable of the rich fool highlights both a common error spoken by Christians – the word “retire” really is in the Bible – and that the Bible does not address the concept of retirement – it does. We look at the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12 and see a clear picture of retiring selfishly and poorly and the consequences of such a retirement. Read on!

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #10 – The parable of the shrewd manager is a challenge. It almost looks like Jesus is commending a dishonest selfish man.  Read this and learn how the parables is really a great lesson for us today and for the church on true stewardship.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #11 The parable of the rich man and the Beggar Lazarus in Luke 16 gives several stern warnings to those who ignore God and His heart. All people, even professing Christians need to be conscious of these warnings. 

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #12 – The parable of the leaven gives us a recipe for dealing with hidden sin, whether in the church or in a loved one’s life. Concealed sin can ruin a church and ruin a life – deal with it now.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #13 – In the parable of lost coin Jesus teaches an easily missed point, how to joyfully view salvation. Eternal salvation truly is an amazing gift from God and we really need to celebrate each person saved from hell. Here is how to regain that focus.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #14 – The parable of the tares helps us with a basic truth about people at church – people who are in the same organization or church may have very different reasons for being there. This parable helps us know how to best deal with those different reasons and motivations – and helps us keep watch.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #15 – The parable of the good Samaritan is a favorite of mine and of many. One obvious lesson is that spending money generously is not limited to your own close circle or even those you know. God’s kingdom is huge and His call is for His entire kingdom. There are many over lessons – so read on.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #16 – Let’s see what the church can learn from one of the most detailed reports of a “chance” meeting, the story of the Samaritan woman who Jesus meets at Jacob’s Well. This is a beautiful and creative conversation between Jesus and a woman who sought truth. “How would you respond?” That is a fair question to ask, because we all face the same life choices and issues.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #17 – Forgiveness is an easy topic to discuss but it can be hard in real life. Read on to see what the church – meaning its people – can learn about forgiveness in the very real life of the church.

Cleaning Up the Business of the Church #18 – The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18 is a harsh lesson on attitudes and our own view of self-worth and self-righteousness. Pull out your Bible and a mirror.

Click to Download a guide for creating a My Social Security account – This is a guide prepared by Social Security to help people set up their MySocialSecurity account online.

Coming Soon to a Millennial Near You – The trillions of dollars in wealth accumulated by the Boomers will be transferring in the next 20-30 years. Learn some of the concerns as well as the blessings that are possible.

Consistency in Saving is the Key – Here are a few ideas to help you get started with saving and to keep at it.

Consumer’s Toolkit for Health Care Advance Planning – A downloadable resource from The American Bar Association on Advance Directives and decisions you need to make while you can. This is a very helpful resource.

Creating an Endowment –An endowment is literally a gift that keeps on giving, a gift of a fund that pays the accrued interest but retains the principle to generate interest again the next year, and the next year, and for as long as the endowment exists. Learn how to give and keep on giving!

Creating a Legacy of Generosity – You can give, be generous and teach your children at the same time! Learn how to help your children learn this fundamental gift from God, generosity.

Dealing with Incapacity – Dealing with the loss of mental function of a loved one is terrifying. Here are legal, practical and spiritual ideas for this greatest of trials.

The Death Grip of Stuff – Tale a few steps to learn how to avoid greed and covetousness in a world that idolizes “stuff.” Learn how to start to free yourself from greed and materialism – and put Jesus first!

Debt Consolidation? Maybe or Maybe Not – Debt consolidation may help you, but read this first because there can be risks and problems.

Defining and Redefining Success in the New Millennium – Are you successful? Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to start by correctly defining what success really is. Here the Christian definition wildly deviates from the world’s definition, or it should. Take a hard look at what success really is.

The Disaster of Debt – Stop Making Financial Excuses – Get out of debt and quit making excuses – how to start.

Do I Need a Will?  – A look at why you need a will even when you think it is a waste of money.

Do It the Easy Way and Pay – Credit cards and instant pay technology are so convenient and so expensive. Learn how to avoid debt, avoid being broke, and save a lot.

Documents (and Protection) Everyone at Every Age Should Have – What documents are important to have and why? Learn the answers and get important information on a tough but essential topic, Advance Directives.

Does the New Testament Teach Tithing? – A scriptural look at a question asked frequently today.

Don’t just Settle for Good – Here’s some amazing wisdom from an unlikely source, and a few ideas on how to reach actively for the abundant life Jesus spoke about. But watch out because it can be a very wild ride!

Donor Privacy Policy – This is the policy of The Idlewild Foundation for its donors – to protect their privacy and bless them for their gift to God.

Dumping Your Mortgage Debt – Here are ideas on paying off your mortgage early, why and how you can tackle that large debt.

Essential Documents – End of Life Checklist – A comprehensive list of what you need to get together to help your loved ones at the hardest time of their lives.

Expanding Your Circle of Giving – 6 steps from the National Christian Foundation to help advance your generosity goals and impact.

Falls – A short sheet from the Center for Disease Control’s Prevention Research Centers Program of this major risk to seniors with simple steps to reduce the risk of falls.

A Few Estate Planning Pitfalls – Here are real-life mistakes people have made in estate planning. You can’t see the future, but you can avoid the mistakes of the past.

A Few More Estate Planning Pitfalls – 6 more estate planning mistakes real people make.

Financial Abuse of the Elderly – People who age face predators who can be avoided if you know what to look for. Here are a few ideas of how to age without becoming a victim.

Financial Literacy – This is a web article maintained by a commercial company but it has excellent information to help people learn about the basics of financial literacy and personal financial management.

Foundations of Retirement Planning – Here are easy to use and practical steps for saving for your retirement.

The Four Percent Rule for Retirement – The widely-known “4 percent rule” for retirement doesn’t answer all of the questions you may have. Learn where that rule is weak, where it is wrong, and how you can better plan for your retirement.

Get Your Finances Straight – As early as you can in life, you need to have a foundation. Anyone building any building knows that. Anyone building an organization knows that as well. Now add some foundational principles to your everyday life to make you life and your finances work.

Getting Out of Debt – Here are the essential steps to eliminating debt from your life.

The Generous Family – A downloadable guide prepared by the National Christian Foundation on nurturing generosity in the home, a guide filled with Biblical, useful and goal oriented ideas to live, demonstrate and teach the joy of generosity.

Gifts Anyone Can Make – When money is short, generosity remains a realistic goal. Learn how to find ways to be generous even when you cannot give.

Give first, or sell first, then give – Learn from the National Christian Foundation about charitable giving of an asset before a sale is best and how you can benefit by giving more that way.

Giving before the sale of a non-cash gift – Learn from this short article by the National Christian Foundation about charitable giving before the sale of an appreciated asset and how you can save a lot of taxes and give more.

Giving Business Interests – Learn from the National Christian Foundation about charitable giving of a business interest and how you can benefit from that unusual approach to giving to God.

The Giving Fund – The Donor Advised Fund, also known as the Giving Fund, is a powerful charitable giving tool and a secret from far too many people. Learn about the best way to give with Christ’s heart, flexibility, and wise tax planning – all at the same time.

Giving to Your Grandchildren – Here is an article from The National Christian Foundation for the grandparents of the world and how they can help their grandchildren develop spiritual and character capital.

Giving Your Child a Heart for Giving – “I’ve never seen an unhappy generous person.” Help your children learn a joyful skill, here are steps to help you help them become people and God-centered.

Giving Wisely in a Confusing World – Giving well and to the glory of God is hard in a world of scams and lies. Here are a few ideas to help you chose wisely and well, so your hard-earned money has maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

God Loves a Cheerful Giver – So Be One – A close look at 2 Corinthians 9:7. For those who chose not to give, it is a call for a heart examination, not an excuse. Take a look at the blessings of being generous.

God’s Heart for the Poor (1/15/23) – With all the talk about social justice and the need to help the poor, let’s keep everything consistent with God’s heart. But know for certain that we do have a duty to help because that is God’s heart. Always remember Proverbs 21:13, “Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor, will also cry out and not be answered.”

The Gospel of Grace and Your Heart – Learn what Acts 20:32-35 tells us about the link between the gospel and the grace that we need so much in our lives – they go hand-in-hand.

A Great Start to 2024 (12/31/23) – If you are tired of the usual New Year’s resolutions, here are a few ideas to help you launch the New Year well.

Guide to Planning Your Estate – This is a resource of The National Christian Foundation, formerly The Christian Legacy Foundation that may help you better understand estate planning.

Happy Birthday to the Land of the Free (6/10/24)– The 4th of July is a special celebration for America.  The freedom we have was anything but free. Read and learn about the Christian freedoms our founding fathers fought for and that are a solid part of our Christian heritage as Americans.

Help, I Don’t Speak Woman! (I Also Don’t Speak Financial Adviser or Investing) – Unless you have the time to become an expert investor and fully understand ETFs, DFA Funds, long term capital gains, hedge funds, margins, short selling, imputer interest and dozens of additional, highly technical terms and phrases, you need to hire a financial adviser. But then you have to learn a whole new language to communicate well. Here is a guide to help you!

Helpful Health Coverage Sites – A collection of website links that may help you research health insurance issues and possibilities.

Helpful Links and Numbers for Seniors – A collection of website links and phone numbers that may help seniors navigate an unfriendly world.

Helpful Medicaid Sites – A collection of website links that may help you research Medicaid issues and possibilities.

Helpful Medicare Sites – A collection of website links that may help you research Medicare issues and possibilities.

Helpful Sites for Retirement Planning – A collection of website links that may help you research retirement. Learn about the problems, issues and possibilities.

Helpful Sites for Social Security – Along with our article “Social Security Can’t Do It All,” here are some website links that may help you with questions about Social Security.

Hey, I Don’t Have Much, So I Don’t Need a Will … Do I? – This is the first in a series of articles on estate planning and its wide variety of confusing facets. Here we look at the many “invisible” things a will can do for you and for your loved ones.

Hope for the Forgotten – Can we really say we are walking with Jesus if we do nothing for “the least of these,” the lost and hurting people Jesus cared so much for? Learn how you can make a difference and do your part by helping foster children.

How Can I Afford A Nursing Home? – Nursing homes and assisted living are expensive! Here are ideas on how you can prepare for that expense.

How to Give and Keep at the Same Time – Is there a way to both give generously but also keep some of the benefit of that gift, such as the income from it? Amazingly enough, there may be a way. Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Annuities are complex and require an expert, but they are legal and very, very helpful for some substantial gifts. Read and learn more.

How to Give Wisely in 2024 – The tax law changes have fundamentally shifted charitable giving. The concerns some have expressed have been warranted. But charitable giving still works! Learn how to adjust your giving to still get tax benefits.

How My Husband’s Layoff Changed the Way We Spend Money – A view of how something bad can turn into a blessing.

How to Lose it All – Having some money and losing it is a frightening prospect. Here are some ideas for helping protect your financial position. They include (1) Money, and especially wealth, is to be feared, (2) We need constant support and accountability to stay on track, and (3) People need to commit to the Gospel and not to themselves.

How to Prepare for Retirement, Part 1 – Here are ideas for some of the details you must look and problems you must prepare for before you can retire.

How to Prepare for Retirement, Part 2 – Here is the rest of retirement planning in a nutshell, the remainder of the issues you need to address.

How to Ruin Your Retirement Plans – Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to see how others have failed. That certainly is a better way to learn how to retire than making costly mistakes – learning the hard way. Read how to retire (that is repurpose) for the best years of your life.

How You Can Help – How anyone can and everyone should become a part of a solution for children caught in the Tampa Bay area foster system. There are real-life practical things you can do – start here.

Ideas for Living Better Through Stewardship – Here are ideas to help you start saving, save more, and start to eliminate debt from your life.

The Idlewild Foundation Permanent Fund – There is a real gift that keeps on giving. The Idlewild Foundation has an endowment fund. Learn more about this special permanent fund.

In Remembrance – The Lord’s Supper was a legacy left by Jesus. God left us many legacy markers because legacy matters to Him. It should matter to you, here’s why.

Inflation and Your Retirement – One of the shocking problems for retirees is inflation. We all can recall when gas (and everything else) cost a lot less. Learn how to plan and adapt to this economic force.

Innovative Non-cash Gifts – Learn from the National Christian Foundation about charitable giving and how you can do it so that you and the charity benefit more and less goes to the government.

Internet Basics for Seniors – this is a commercial site, but it has a good and pretty clearly written set of definitions of common words and phrases as well as reasonably clear directions and instructions for Internet beginners.

IRA Charitable Rollovers – A primer on donating from your IRA, including your Required Minimum Distributions.

IRA Charitable Rollovers with NCF – A downloadable resource from the National Christian Foundation on charitable rollovers from IRAs.

IRS Charitable Deduction Tips – A downloadable fact sheet from the IRS to help with charitable donations so you get the full benefit.

Is There a Relationship Between Wealth and Generosity? – What comes first, wealth or generosity? Looking at wealth and generosity isn’t as simple as you might think. Read here how to correctly view those two topics in relationship with each other and your heart.

It All Belongs to God – We hear that statement often, “It all belongs to God.” The response I have heard is similar to, “But it’s my stuff and I worked hard for it!” Which position is true? Learn how Biblically as well as realistically, it really isn’t your stuff. 

It Isn’t That Hard to Give – Here are a few ideas for giving and planning to give that make giving painless such as giving from what accountants call highly appreciated assets, IRA accounts started many years ago, stock purchased and wisely not sold, 401(k) that wisely was not cashed in or borrow against, and life insurance. Read and learn how to give more, give wisely and enjoy it.

It’s Time to Start Saving – Here are the steps to start saving enough and saving effectively for your future – both what to do and what to avoid.

The “Job” and Joy of Being the Responsible Child – Learn the issues you will face as loved ones start the slow physical and mental decline that comes so often with aging.

A Jump Start for Your Savings – How to start saving and not fall back into debt and financial stress.

A Lasting Impact – A start at looking at legacy. Everyone will leave some legacy. How can you carve a meaningful legacy out of a busy life?

Leaving a Gift in Your Will – Learn how easy it is to leave a charitable gift through your estate.

Leaving to Idlewild Baptist Church is a Blessing – Giving to God and His mission is both important and a blessing. Here is how you can do this well.

The Lie of the Prosperity Gospel – Few people have done more harm to true Christianity and made it harder for honest gospel preachers than the televangelist preaching the prosperity gospel. Learn more about the less that honest ways the prosperity gospel preacher twists the Word of God to turn the gospel into a money-producing tool.

Lies About Giving and Generosity – Like it or note – we now live in the era of “fake news.” One lie I hear is that God cannot be trusted to provide. See why that and other common lies are demonstrably false. Let’s learn the truth.

Living Will Form – This is a downloadable form for a Living Will as contained in a Florida statute. We recommend a more complete and inclusive form, but this is a free public resource for you to consider.

Long-Term Care Considerations – Living well as we age is a concern everyone faces. Here are ideas on what issues you will face – and some answers. 

Making Your Home Senior Friendly – Most Americans want to stay in their home as long as possible – it’s home! Here are some things you can do to make staying at home possible.

Marriage and Money – Learn how to keep money – or the lack of money – from being the problem that destroys your marriage. Doing marriage well takes a lot of work. Take some of the hard work out of it but removing the issue of money. 

Money Done God’s Way – Do you need that new toy, or do you just want it? See a few examples of God’s people doing money right, and a few of God’s people doing money wrong. Learn how do handle your wealth God’s way.

Money and Your Heart – A look at why people don’t give and how giving is a topic of blessing, not of compulsion.

Money Can’t Solve Most Money Problems – “The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart” and the problem is the heart far more often than it is the money. Learn about the problem and the solution. And end with three challenging questions to allow to decide how you are doing. A hint – the first question is “Does your spending reflect your faith?” Read on for the other two!

More on Long-Term Care – Living well as we age is a concern everyone faces. Here are more ideas on what issues you will face – and some answers.

More on Teaching Money to Children and Youth – The need for stewardship teaching to children never stops! Fewer that 1% of parents teach giving out of an allowance. We set out four skills every child needs to learn and a few ideas on how to get started.

More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 1 – Tithing may not be a legalistic requirement in the New Testament (a debatable point), but being generous is a calling of all Christians. A look at tithing, offerings, and the difference – and at what God has called believers to do.

More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 2 – A continuing look at the difference between giving your tithe and giving an offering as we look at how much you give, where you give and who some choose not to give at all. God is calling us to be generous.

Must-Dos Before Retiring – A listing of things you need to know and address before you can securely retire.

My Favorite Passages About Money – God gave us over 2,300 verses on money, wealth and possessions. Check out some of the ones that are most impactful and transformational in this short article.

The Myths and Truths of Nursing Homes – At least some of the “common knowledge” and common concerns about assisted living and nursing homes is misplaced. Read this to learn the truth.

Personal Profile – This form helps you gather at least some of the information an estate planning lawyer will need, saving you time and money.

Planned Giving – A Blessing for All – Learn the basics of planned giving – how your giving can be better for you as well as for those to whom you give. Make your money matter!

Planning for an Uncertain Future – A look at planning for retirement and beyond in a very uncertain world.

Planning Your Financial Future And … – A realistic look at where giving, serving, and living fit into planning your financial future. How to aim for financial freedom and beyond.

The Poor Will Always Be With You – Jesus said it and it is true, but that doesn’t mean you do nothing to help. In fact, it is God’s heart that we help, see why we say that and what you can do.

Prevent Falls – A short downloadable article from  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, on this major risk for seniors.

The Prison Called Greed – A look at the lies of greed and those who fall for those lies, and most importantly, ways to spot the lies and get out of prison.

The Problem with Worrying About Money – Ideas on working through worry about finances, including saving, budgeting and prayer.

The Purpose of Wealth – Have you ever wondered why God allowed you to have what you have, whether a lot or a little?  Read on and see what God wants for you and your money and assets; there is a real purpose and plan.

The Really Smart Gift of Real Estate – A short article from the National Christian Foundation on the benefits of giving real estate without selling it – potentially saving yourself a lot of taxes.

Retirement Essentials – A Biblical view of what should change and how it should change in the areas of use of your time, skills, ability, influence and finances as you shift from full time work to full time retirement.

Retirement Friendly Legal Planning – No one likes to plan for the legal aspect of aging and retiring. Here is a guide to help you make painless progress in some confusing and difficult areas avoided by most people until it is too late.

Roadblocks to Retirement – Here is what has made retirement so hard for many people – learn and avoid these problem areas.

Save $ in 2024 (1/15/24) – Fighting to survive financially can be tough, especially in these times of high inflation. Learn how to approach shopping and spending wisely so you can save a lot in 2024 – it really is possible.

Save, Don’t Store – Storage may be necessary for a short time but learn about the incredible cost of storing for too long.

Save More – 10% Isn’t Enough – Many people think that saving 10% of earnings is enough. See why that is untrue; you need to save more.

Science Proves it is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive – Secular scientists are proving the Bible to be true without even realizing it! The new science of generosity, SciGen, shows us that God has made us generous right down to our genetic structure. We started that way in Genesis 2 and we remain generous, and blessed by it!

So, You Want to Get Rich – Being Rich is not a sin but attitudes about money and wealth may be. Here are rules and ideas to help you manage those attitudes and your money.

Social Security Can’t do It All – A Primer – Social Security is complex. Learn about a few of its limits as well as its benefits.

A Special Father’s Day (5/15/24) – Dads are special, so check out a few ideas to let him know he is appreciated and loved.

Start Saving Yesterday (8/15/23) – Yes, it can be too late to start, so start saving now. Starting now, or even better, yesterday, is important because it takes time to make progress in an expensive America, Learn more …

Start Smart Investing – How to Get Into the Market – You’ll never get ahead with nothing but savings in a savings account or a CD at a bank. But where can you start? Here are a few ideas on how to start with relative safety. Is there risk? Sure, but life requires risk. Step out and get started with your future.

Starting Financially Strong – Marriage can be and often is difficult. The one area where more marriages are attacked and where they fail most often is in personal finances. Money, disputes over money and the uses or non-uses of money, lie at the heart of most marital fights and failures. Learn a few “tricks” to strengthen your family, your relationships and your future. 

The Stewardship of Time, Part 1 – The time God has given you is one resource that is amazingly precious. Let’s learn how to use it well and wisely so you will have no regrets when God calls you home.

The Stewardship of Time, Part 2 – Now in the second part of this challenging article we look at ways to get started with the discipline of time stewardship. The start lies in looking at three word, margin, distractions and priorities, Click the link and read on for helpful hints on getting started.

Stop Tithing and Become Generous – Many people dislike talking about “Old Testament tithing.” Fine, then let’s talk about New Testament generosity and become more like Jesus.

Stop Writing Checks – Most people donate the least tax-efficient way. Read this short article from the national Christian Foundation on how to give more efficiently.

Strategic Estate Planning – It is time to get started with your estate plan. Procrastination is failure – and risky business as well. Having an estate plan is an element of Biblical financial stewardship. Read this article and see how – then get started.

Tax-Wise Charitable Giving – Learn about charitable giving and how you can do it so that you and the charity benefit more and less goes to the government.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 1 – You had better teach your children about money, because the alternative is as bad as it gets – the world will teach them its values. Here are practical things you can use and places where you can find ideas, help and guidance. This is the first in a series of ten articles on this challenging topic.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 2 – Getting started with some basics on teaching money to children and youth.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 3 – Let’s look at how to teach your children where money comes from and help them learn respect for work.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth –  Part 4 – Learn how to teach that money is a tool that can be used for evil as well as for great things. Our series on teaching money continues.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 5 – This month the lesson is on the power of patience. Good money management (and raising your children well) requires patience and the teaching of patience. Get some practical and hands-on ideas on how to do just that – and learn to be more patient yourself at the same time!

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 6 – Patience is required for this next lesson – investing. This is a hard lesson to teach, but we have offered a few ideas to make it fun, and real. You can make real investments that can teach, and as your children’s investments grow, so do the lessons and the benefits.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 7 – Learning to say “no” and actually saying “no” are very different in raising children. They learn to be persistent and to break down your will. Learn how to do it best right here.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 8 – There is a lot of disagreement about whether you give or don’t give an allowance to your children. Learn more about the different ideas, about the different approaches and about the pluses and minuses of giving or not giving an allowance.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 9 – The Power of Plastic is the subtitle and it is an enormous power today. Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other easy and convenient payment plans dominate the financial and retails markets. Should they? See why they shouldn’t and how you can teach your children best.

Teaching Money to Children and Youth – Part 10 – We finish this series of articles with a top ten of things you should do to best teach your children about earning, saving, investing and giving money. Read this and all previous articles for a head start on a tough topic.

Tests of Godly Stewardship – We have three questions for you to gauge your level of stewardship. 

The Truth About Reverse Mortgages – Reverse mortgages are heavily advertised. Learn the risks and benefits and how to safely get a reverse mortgage if you chose one.

To Give and Receive at the Same Time – There is a way to both have you cake (your ability to make a generous gift) and eat it too (that means to be able to enjoy the income from that gift while you live)! It is built into the tax code for generous people, it is legal and it is wise. Read this if you don’t believe it.

To Live Generously – The old joke about the four stages of life has a solid element of truth in it. First, you believe in Santa Claus, next you don’t believe in Santa Claus, then you are Santa Claus. Click the link and read the article for the fourth stage! And read on for more on what real generosity is, and how you can get started as we give concrete and realistic ways for everyone to be generous.

Tough Investment Choices – In an economic world of such uncertainty, investing looks frightening. It looks that way because it is frightening. Here are a few ideas to help you step into the world of investing and make progress financially.

Traps That Lead to Debt – Modern marketing is amazing. It is designed to generate sales in ways you may never notice, and create debt that you cannot afford. Learn a few of them and how (and why) you need to watch for these tricks.

What About All My Hard Work? – Isn’t This Stuff Mine? – A Biblical look at God’s ownership and a copy of Randy Alcorn’s Financial Covenant with God.

What About Credit Cards? – A hard, factual and Biblical look at the most dangerous financial invention since debt – credit cards. Learn how to manage them.

What About Debt? – Why debt is dangerous and how to get started on a plan to dig your way out of debt.

What About Getting Out of Debt? – Why and how to start getting out of the slavery of debt.

What About the Gift of Giving? – Is giving a spiritual gift? Yes, but see why we all should give, for God and for our own blessing.

What About Generosity? – Generosity is from the heart and is based on love. See some Biblical and real life examples.

What About Generosity When Money is Scarce? – Ideas for giving generously without opening your wallet. Creative and fresh ways, along with tried and true ways, to be generous when you are short on cash.

What About Giving and Generosity? – The difference between giving and generosity is amazing. Check out the difference and learn to be a generous person, not just a donor.

What About Giving and Tithing While Getting Out of Debt? – Is it crazy to be generous even while you are paying down debt? A Biblical look at real wisdom in the area of giving back to God.

What About the Heart? – Real generosity is about the heart. A tough look at the state of generosity in America today and how to get started.

What About Helping Those in Need – Part 1 – A Biblical and practical look at why we should help those in need and how you can get started.

What About Helping Those in Need – Part 2 – The rest of the story about helping those in need. What people miss by not being generous as God has demonstrated to us.

What About Generosity When Money is Scarce? – No, money can’t buy happiness, but there may be a way money can make you happy – give it away! But when you are out of money, generosity doesn’t stop. Check out this post for a few creative ideas to allow you to be generous with your life and not just your money.

What About Our Kids? Teaching Generosity in a Very Selfish World – Teaching a child generosity – to give away his or her stuff – can be a challenge in our very selfish world. Let’s laugh at the property laws of children and let’s learn how to overcome the culture of this world.

What About the Problem of Debt? – Managing debt is like juggling eggs, possible but not a good idea at all. Learn the facts about why debt is dangerous.

What About Prudent Retirement Planning? – A look at Biblical retirement planning, what it is and what it isn’t as well as different ideas for how to approach this new life stage.

What About Stewardship? – Real stewardship is a whole life act of living on mission for God’s glory. See how this can be done.

What About Wise Giving? – Giving can hurt more than help at times. Look at giving wisely and well for the benefit of all and for the glory of God.

What About Work? – The Start of a Theology of Work – A start to looking at the theology of work, a new way to look at a very old topic.

What Happened to the Joy of Giving? – How to grasp the real joy of giving and how to learn how to start giving from the heart.

What If You Have No Retirement Savings – This is a critical and serious question asked by many due to the harsh reality of our economy. Here are some concrete steps to start digging yourself out of this deep hole.

What is a Durable Power of Attorney? – The first of the advance directives. A look at giving someone else authority over important aspects of your life.

What is an Advance Directive? – A will or a trust or even both are not enough. Planning for death is easy compared to planning for incapacity. See why this is so important.

What Is Biblical Stewardship? – Many people view stewardship too narrowly. Learn how stewardship is about your entire life – and learn the principles that make stewardship a blessing.

What is a Health Care Surrogate Designation? – A medical emergency or accident leaving someone unable to make decisions is an emotional crisis. Here is how you can prepare for the worst.

What is a Living Will? – An advance directive to state your wishes as you near the end of your life is important, and it is called a living will. Here are some facts about this important document.

What is Legacy Giving? – Learn a bit about how your giving can make a life-long impact and leave a blessed legacy for you.

What the Love of Money Means – How closely related are the fist and tenth commandments? A challenging look at covetousness, the love of money and at making choices, both good and bad.

What is Your Passion? – The new way to give and be generous is to focus on your heart’s passion. How to find yours and get started.

What Other Advance Directives Are There? – It is hardly ever as simple as one, two three. There is more to the concept of an advance directive than a durable power of attorney, a living will, and a health care surrogate designation. Read on and learn what else is possible to protect yourself, your family and even others.

What Will Your Legacy Be? Part 1 – Everyone will leave a legacy. This is a look at how you are creating one every minute of your life and what you can do about it.

What Will Your Legacy Be? Part 2 – Let’s look at the final elements of leaving a solid legacy for those who come behind us.

What Legacy Will You Give? – Everyone leaves a legacy, what will yours be? Learn from the National Christian Foundation how to start carving your legacy out, the legacy of a generous person.

When Should I Retire? – A fresh Christian look at a complex problem. Learn how and when to step into your retirement and how to do it well!

Where Does Your Money Go? – Have you ever reached the end of the month and you asked, “where did it go?” Answering that question accurately is the key to making progress against the financial pressures of our “modern” world. .

Why Should I Give? – A solid look at why God wants us to give, something you can get even if you do not believe in tithing. Learn what God has to say about giving and our relationship with Him.

Why College Students Should Prioritize Scholarships Over Other Financial Aid – A look at great reasons to seek scholarships, financial aid and grants and to avoid student loans.

A Will Can Do a Lot – Why have a will? A look at the many things a will can do for you as well as your loved ones.

The Will of the Lord – How can you align your financial security with the Lord’s will for you? Let’s see how that is possible.

Winning the Financial Game – To win at anything requires an understanding of some foundational truths. To win in the world of finances in America means defining what the “game” is in your view and setting your life’s priorities. Check out these seven ideas to help you win this “game.”

You Really Can Start Saving – Saving in this world of ours is tough. We offer a challenging look at some common excuses and some great encouragement to start NOW!

Your Financial Future by the Decade – Whatever your age or starting point, here are some goals you need to aim for to reach financial freedom. These are practical goals with a useful checklist to use at every age.

Your Last Will Was Done When? – If your will hasn’t been updated in years, you may have these problems.

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