Founded in 2008, The Idlewild Foundation exists to glorify God and to fulfill the great commission through motivating, educating, and facilitating those in our community to be faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them.

Since then we have added a new element even beyond motivation, educating and facilitating and that is modeling. We now have a goal of also modeling Godly stewardship and generosity to those in our community. We have done this by establishing a fund, Fund 1:27, which puts up to $127,000 per year into the foster care ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church and to help support foster families throughout the region.

So. who are we and what do we do? We are a small organization committed to sharing God’s vision for stewardship and generosity, working to promote God’s kingdom. Our goal is not to be a great foundation. Instead, we strive to be a good foundation serving the great God, the One and Only. Join us on this journey!