God has given generously to us in an amazing variety of creative and wonderful ways. Just take a trip from the beach with its crashing waves to a mountain range with snow-topped peaks. If that isn’t enough, just wonder at the gentle beauty of a peacock.


Then compare it to the plain appearance but great strength of an elephant.


God has shown us how creative He can be, and remember that we are made in His image – so we can be creatively generous too. Here are some of the different ways you can give, many with tax benefits over just writing a check. 

Please read through the ideas listed in the drop down menu and give us a call at (813) 264-8713, we would love to help. Your generosity makes a difference in people’s lives! Look below to see how it already has made a difference.


Special Needs Field
The Idlewild Foundation was blessed with the opportunity to raise funds and handle the finances for the construction of the Idlewild Baptist Church Special Needs Field on its campus.
Lighting Up a Field
Through the generous donations of many people, God allowed The Idlewild Foundation to raise the funds to light the ball fields of the Ken Whitten Sports Complex at Idlewild Baptist Church. This has added many hours of additional available time for sports practice and activities and has greatly increased the outreach capabilities of the recreation ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church.
Supporting the Fight Against Trafficking
We have recently been blessed with the opportunity to support, along with Idlewild Baptist Church and Hope Street, Inc., three fine ministries battling the damage resulting from the sex trafficking that is so serious in the Tampa Bay area. May God bless and strengthen them in their fight.
Hope Starts Here
In mid-2018 The Idlewild Foundation as asked for a grant of $100,000 to allow Hope Street of Tampa Bay along with One More Child to complete the purchase of 17 acres to develop a Compassion Center to better allow them to minister to the needs of the Sulpher Springs area.