A Special Valentine’s Day for 2023

What makes a special Valentine’s Day for 2023? No, it isn’t chocolate! Well, at least it isn’t just chocolate. It also isn’t just roses, a romantic dinner, or any of the typical Valentine’s Day gifting (although those may help). Instead of the ordinary, or even a better-than-ordinary, aim for an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift!

  • Breakfast in bed
    This works on Valentine’s Day when it falls on Saturday or when you are retired. It is tougher with screaming kids and a work day that starts at 8 am sharp.
    It is the thought and the kindness that count. After all, love is kind.

1 Corinthians 13:4
4      Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

Colossians 3:13 
13     Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

  • Apologize
    This shouldn’t be a hard one, but at times it can be difficult. Whether you were right or wrong isn’t what is important in the long run, the marriage is what is important. Husbands are called to love their wives as Christ loves the church. Ephesians 5:25-33. And go head, be honest – sometime during the past year, you did something (or perhaps many somethings) for which you should apologize.

Ephesians 5:25-27
25     Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 
26     to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, 
27     and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

  • Honor your spouse

Romans 12:9-10
9      Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 
10     Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

One extension of honoring your spouse that is worthy of special attention, is listening.

  • Listen
    Put down the newspaper, the magazine, shut off the cell phone, and turn off the TV. This is a hard one for me. I love to be productive and use the dinnertime to get through the mail, especially the junk mail. I can try to justify this by saying that it frees up time during the rest of the afternoon or evening, but that is hardly valid. I can find the time later for the mail. Dinner is a special opportunity.

James 1:19
19     My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this:
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

I need to listen and resist the urge to immediately offer advice on how to fix things. I am a fixer and a do-er, so this is hard.

  • Plan a dinner
    Plan a dinner date and stick to it. Making a promise a promise and sticking to it is yet another part of honoring your spouse. Set aside the budget for a night (just one) and celebrate something. If you must resist the urge to break the budget, make it a special dinner at home. Candles are not expensive. Neither is your focused attention.

  • Appreciation
    Let your spouse know that he or she is truly appreciated. Pick out one thing that is one of your spouse’s strong points and specifically mention it in a thank you card. In fact, try two or three cards hidden where your spouse will certainly find them. Another way to demonstrate that appreciation is next!

  • Be generous: This is not just on Valentine’s Day (especially important for you guys reading this). Be giving to your spouse. The giving need not be just money or possessions.  You can be generous in all things – love, encouragement, gifts, expressions of gratitude and appreciation, compassion, understanding, helping out around the house, and a lot more! We are called to excel in the grace of giving, 2 Corinthians 8:7, and the giving began with Jesus. 2 Corinthians 8:9. Using Him as a model, giving to your spouse should be an easy Valentine’s decision.

Now, if you are the typical husband and you do more than one of these, you may face the question, “Alright, what did you do!” What a blessing to be able to respond and answer, “Only things I should have been doing for years!”

About the Author

John Campbell has retired from a 40-year legal practice as a trial attorney in Tampa. He has served in multiple volunteer roles at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where he met Jesus.  He began serving as the Executive Director of the Idlewild Foundation in 2016.  He has been married to the love of his life, Mona Puckett Campbell, since 1972.

Save $ in 2023

Saving money is a challenge, especially in the high inflation of 2022. The money seems to (and does) build up slowly and the temptations (or need) to cheat and spend rather than save are like dieting temptations, easy to find and hard to resist. Here are a few practical ideas to keep your savings increasing and to help you hold the line on spending. When you save on one of the ideas here, save the money toward an emergency savings account, your retirement or a special trip and vacation.

Try these ideas and save:

1. Your car insurance rises every year even though your car is older and is worth less. You would think at least the collision coverage would decrease since your car is a year older and worth less. No! But it will, if you decide to shop around at least every three years. You may not want to decide based upon premium cost alone, because there is a lot to be said about receiving good service; but if money is tight, shop around. 

2. If you have emergency savings, go with high deductible collision coverage. You can save a lot that way. I will admit it may cost you if you have an at fault accident, but if you go several years without an accident or if the other guys has no coverage and no money, your savings will far exceed the amount of your deductible. If you don’t have an emergency savings fund, start one now.

3. Shop your homeowners coverage as well. Those premiums tend to rise more than the value of your home. For some reason, the premiums never seem to decrease when the value of your home goes down. Home insurers, like car insurers, count on you not wanting the hassle of changing carriers.

4. Drop your magazine subscriptions. Check and you may find the very same magazine is available at your nearest public library. Or, alternatively, spend a quiet evening at a local bookstore, reading your favorite magazines for free.

5. Hold a garage sale. Go through your closet and find clothes you have not worn in a year. The chances are you will never wear it if you haven’t worn it in a year. Pull the junk out of your closets you never use and out of the attic that you stuffed up there and see if there is someone else who wants your junk. You won’t make a lot, but you will make more than doing nothing will make for you. Alternatively, try eBay or sell online. A second alternative is for you to donate what you have to a Christian thrift store and take the deduction on your tax return if you are able.

6. Check your Internet, cable, streaming and phone plans. You can almost always improve your plan and save money if you check once a year. Ask yourself if you really need that landline. We dropped ours over a year ago and discovered we received fewer junk calls during dinner.

7. Get a free energy audit from your power company and see where your electric use can be trimmed. Consider adding attic insulation if your house is old, many types of older insulation settle and lose R-value, costing you money every month. Alternatively, you could do something really radical and turn off the lights when you leave a room.

8. If it isn’t free, drop your gym membership and take up walking. It is easier on the knees and hips than jogging, can be done well into your 70’s, and is free!

9. Keep your tires properly inflated, put the right gas in your car and maintain it based upon the manufacturer’s recommendations.

10. If you use AAA for emergency roadside service, go to an AAA location and check out their available gift cards. You get a 3 to 5% credit in AAA dollars towards your next year AAA bill. If it is a card for a restaurant you are going to eat at anyway, a store you will shop at anyway (or even Amazon Smile), or a gift card you would give as a gift anyway, you will save an annual AAA fee in a fairly short time, certainly less than a year.+

11. While I am on the topic of gift cards, buy them at a discount from a discounter like giftcardgranny.com. You can at times find meaningful discounts on hundreds of gift cards including Walmart, Target, and many large retailers.

12. Buy used, not new. A used car, if checked out carefully, is a great savings over a new car. New cars lose thousands of dollars almost the same moment you drive the car off the lot. If the car isn’t too old, you may still have some warranty left – always check. If buying a used car, always check the obvious things such as the tires. Many dealers will put new tires on a car if you spot a worn or repaired tire.

13. Used books are readily available at thrift stores, or, even better free books, magazines and videos are available at the public library.

14. Buy an Entertainment Book and eat out for 50% at many restaurants. Try Entertainment Books and see what restaurants and services are covered in your area. In the Tampa Bay area there are over 150 restaurants and services offering substantial discounts. You quickly save the cost of the book, try new places and then save a lot more.

15. Save without the hassle of coupons. There is a rather remarkable website worth checking – Savingstar. You can go to their free website, check the products you want to buy from a store and get cash back after you shop. You can link your store loyalty card or upload the receipt and save. The stores available can be seen from the site and include Publix, WalMart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and literally hundreds of other retailers.

Saving just requires that you try. The problem is that we tend to get so busy, that time is a commodity that is hard to find. But if you can find the time to try a few of these ideas here, you can save a lot. If you have additional ideas, call or email us and we will pass them on.

About the Author

John Campbell has retired from a 40-year legal practice as a trial attorney in Tampa. He has served in multiple volunteer roles at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where he met Jesus. He began serving as the Executive Director of the Idlewild Foundation in 2016. He has been married to the love of his life, Mona Puckett Campbell, since 1972.

A Great Start to 2023

New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Off the Year

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2023?  Lose weight – check, exercise more – check, and get in better shape – long overdue! Those three resolutions are there for me almost every year. But then life happens! Sometimes I keep such a resolution for a few weeks or maybe even a few months with strong encouragement. After that, the busy days of spring begin to take over.

Instead, join the Campbells and make one of your resolutions for 2023 to review your family financial and estate plans. Significant life changes (and even significant inflationary, market or legal changes such as increasing income tax rates) are something that should trigger in our minds the question, “Do I need to change my will or trust?” or “Should I change any of my beneficiary designations?” If you need an easy way to keep track of your bequests and beneficiary designations on bank accounts, IRAs and financial or investment accounts, make a list. It is best done on a computer file so you do not have to re-do the entire document each time there is a significant change, but then print it and keep it with your estate and financial documents just in case your computer files are somehow lost. For a few additional thoughts on this topic, see A Few Estate Planning Pitfalls (especially #3) and A Few More Estate Planning Pitfalls.

Also, think about adding a few fresh ideas in which your entire family can become involved! Here are some things we are trying that I can offer as suggestions to prayerfully consider.

  1. Serve: Serve together as a family, a small group or just as a group of friends.  Find a ministry that touches your heart and about which you can be passionate. Schedule yourself to serve regularly in this ministry with your family, a group of friends, or involve your small group. On a simpler note, you can visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while, perhaps someone out with an illness or injury. Always remember that stewardship is a L.I.F.E activity that is not limited to dollars and cents. It involves your Labor, your Influence, your Financial resources, and your Expertise, your entire L.I.F.E. Stop by the Movement booth in the Gatheria at Idlewild. Learn how you can discover God’s gifting to you and put your gift(s) into joyful service. You can give an hour a week – yes, you really can.

2. Broaden your view: Look for new opportunities to broaden your stewardship. Never neglect giving your tithe to your home church. Check out Does the New Testament Teach Tithing?, More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 1, and More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 2. Know that God has also called us to give over and above the tithe. Read and reflect upon Deuteronomy 15, Matthew 23:23, and Luke 12:33-34.

3. Give generously and wisely: When you find a ministry that touches your heart, consider giving as well as serving. You can give in different ways. Instead of just monetary giving, consider giving an appreciated asset, stock, or a piece of property. This type of giving may be better for both you and the charity than if you sold and donated the net proceeds. This strategy may reduce your tax burden if done correctly (and wisely) and increases the amount the charity receives – and what that charity can do. Not sure how to do this? The Idlewild Foundation can show you how. Just give us a call at (813) 264-8713. And never forget God in your giving.

4. Learn about Giving Funds: Explore the possibilities of a Donor Advised Fund that will allow you a deduction now, but choose who you want to support and how much you will give at a future date. This kind of fund can be an efficient means of setting up recurring donations and makes record keeping for taxes easy. Learn more at Ways to Give, or just give us a call. Now, with the new administration in Washington and with there being a great likelihood of either direct or indirect tax increases, more than ever you need to examine tax-wise giving. We can help!

5. Share your experience with others: If you have a life example of how God has blessed you and how you have given back to Him, share your story. Tell your small group, your friends, and your family about how you’ve been blessed and how you’ve been able to bless others.

6. Accelerate your giving: In 2021 Idlewild completed its debt elimination program that was called Accelerate. Despite the rugged inflation in 2022, you have some additional money that can be given to the kingdom. Rather than increase your standard of living, instead increase your standard of giving (a quote from Randy Alcorn). Increase your giving to Idlewild’s kingdom investments, join Pastor Ken in that goal, or increase your giving to other Christian ministries. Please consider The Idlewild Foundation and its Fund 1:27 where 100% of any donation goes to ministry. Nothing – not one cent – goes to salaries, overhead or administrative costs. Give over and above the tithe and enjoy the joy of generosity. For a bit of help encouraging that, read More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 1, More on the Tithe – Tithes and Offerings 2, and Science Proves That It Is More Blessed to Give Than Receive.

Here’s another idea! Why not spend some time reviewing your spending for last year? By looking at your bank and charge card statements you’ll get a pretty good picture of where your money was spent and what your priorities have been. Did you find ways to glorify God through any of your spending? Did your spending in 2022 give more glory to yourself than to God? Could you do better? Give God the credit He is due. He made your income and your abilities (and every breath you took in 2022) possible.

Deuteronomy 8:18
18     But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth …

Take some time to sit down with your family and discuss ways to manage your money more effectively. Consider speaking with someone from the Stewardship Ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church or with us at The Idlewild Foundation. There are financial counselors who work with Idlewild’s Stewardship ministry who will meet with you for free to discuss your finances and budget and help. We can give you tips and ideas in managing your money. And don’t worry. You won’t be bludgeoned until you agree to give money to Idlewild or to the Foundation! On the other hand, you will learn ways that you can further God’s kingdom by sharing His blessings with others – with open hands!

You can contact us at The Idlewild Foundation, (813) 264-8713 or email me at jcampbell@idlewild.org. Make 2023 a year to celebrate!


About the Author

John Campbell has retired from a 40 year legal practice as a trial attorney in Tampa. He has served in multiple volunteer roles at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where he met Jesus.  He began serving as the Executive Director of the Idlewild Foundation in 2016.  He has been married to the love of his life, Mona Puckett Campbell, since 1972.

New Year Resolutions for 2023 and a New You!

2023 should be a year of hope and challenge, and we pray it is a year with a lot more hope than frightening challenges, especially after the experience of co-vid, protests, rampant inflation and the midterm elections of November, 2022. We are truly out of the pandemic, even though the fear-mongers keep trying. We are looking forward to a year with more political hope than the past two years. We are also hoping that inflation will settle down and crime will lessen. So, let’s look at a few things that we can perhaps do that will help make 2023 a better year.

• Now I will finally lose weight and keep it off!
• I am going to eat better for the new year!
• This year I will get my tax papers ready early, or at least before April 15!
• I will reduce the time I waste watching TV!
• I will start reading through the Bible and make it past Leviticus this year!

Unfortunately, what the resolution is may not really matter because most resolutions don’t make it past the second week of the new year. What can help you hold on? A change in the surrounding environment of support, or more commonly, a lot of support. To make it past two weeks, we need good and Godly support and encouragement. So instead of the usual New Year resolutions by themselves, start your resolutions with a few of the following ideas.

Good and Godly support

• Start with regular attendance worshipping the God who made you and loves you. He is worthy! See 1 Chronicles 16:25 and Revelation 4:10-11.
• Join a church where the people know you and care for you.
• Join and participate in a small group where the relationships and sharing are closer than they can be in a large worship setting. A small group Bible study is the church within the church, a smaller group of people you can get a lot closer to and who can get closer to you. Bible study has real-world and real-life value. Psalm 119:105 (“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”)
• Be open with at least one accountability partner, preferably someone from your church small group. This is someone you can share openly with about your serious resolutions for 2023.
• Track your success and failures in writing, whatever they may be, in writing. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, track your weight loss (or gain) and your occasional setbacks. If your resolution is to read through the Bible, that means an average of three chapters per day for a full year. Schedule your goals along the way and enlist your accountability partner as an encourager, making sure your partner asks meaningful questions so you can show your growth in knowledge, and prayerfully, in wisdom.
• Never allow yourself to fall so far behind that success becomes a hopeless struggle. Losing 12 pounds a year is easily manageable. But don’t wait to start until December 29!

How will this work out? Let’s take a few of the more common resolutions and take a sample walk through 2023. Of course, we start with the all-time number one resolution, losing weight.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is almost always the number 1 resolution for Americans. If you combine it with the closely related eat better and get into better shape, you are nearing half of the top resolutions for almost every year. That is such a common resolution because it is relatively vague and easily forgotten even though the resolution is an admirable goal.

Don’t just set a one-year goal of a specific weight. Instead, set monthly targets to help you track weight loss progress throughout the year. And don’t set a goal without a plan to get there. Eat less and exercise more is a weak plan because it is too vague and non-specific. Get specific. “I will walk 30 minutes every day.” “I will go to the gym 3 times a week and do 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise of walking, running, swimming of cycling.

Yes, you will have bad days, perhaps even a bad week. But get back to dieting, exercising and don’t look back. Instead, look forward to the next goal.

Specific goals with a specific plan allow you to create measurable benchmarks along the way and those allow your accountability partner to accurately track your progress.

Reduce my TV and social media time wasted

To know you are reducing your TV and social media time, you must know how much time you are spending. So start tracking your lost time in the last few months of the year. Yes, I know it is football season. Yes, I know keeping up with your 847 friends on Facebook is important. Record on a sheet of paper or Excel spreadsheet the time spent on each TV program, on each social media app and overall. Now, and only now, can you know you are really reducing the time wasted.

But the goal is not just to waste less time. Use that additional time in your day to do something good. Not sure what? Try:

•  Help around the house, work in the yard,
•  make a call to someone in your small group,
•  write a card to someone you miss,
•  start a study of a book of the Bible or an interesting topic,
•  visit someone shut-in at an assisted living facility or in a hospital room.

Don’t stop there. Make this challenge even greater. If there was something you were going to watch but your resolution prompted you not to sit and watch, record your successes – as well as what you actually did instead. Once you see how much you can accomplish if you are not parked in front of the TV, computer, pad or phone, you will be encouraged to watch even less.

The possibilities are literally endless. If you want a few specific ideas for ways to make 2023 better than ever, try these:

• Forgive someone. Bury an old hatchet by recognizing that it is time to move on. You don’t need to say anything to them – they likely don’t remember the offense. But forgive and move on.
• Share. Speak to someone about something special God has done for you.
• Quality time. Spend quality time with loved ones. Don’t just say you will do it. Life happens and things come up. Calendar specific regular time and make it a commitment, not just a hope.
• Greet people well. Next time someone says, “Good morning” to you, try responding with “Yes, God really gave us a wonderful morning today.”
• Pray more. God wants to hear directly from you. Don’t speak to or at God, speak with Him.
• Clean up. It will make you feel at least a little better if you clean up somewhere, at least a little and then keep it clean a few days. That pile of old magazines you haven’t read or that junk mail you don’t want to read – toss them!
• Become debt-free. Make 2023 the year you join Idlewild in being debt free! Take Financial Peace University, start budgeting and work to eliminate debt once and for all. It is free through Idlewild, so call the Stewardship Ministry offices and get started.
Add some volunteering and service. 2023 will be a better year if you give more of yourself to the year, to people you know and to God.
Write thank you notes. Remember those notes you may have had to write as a child. Try writing a few again for the Christmas gifts you received. They are an excellent way to show that you really appreciate someone’s generosity.
•  Get saved or get serious. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, it is time – past time – to meet Him. If you do know Him, it is time to respond to His love and longing for you with more of yourself. Get serious with Him.
•  Reach back in time and write a thank you note to someone special. Think of someone who gave time and attention to you in the past. Send a thank you letter (no, not an email), and let that person know what a difference they made.
•  Consider a mission trip. Whether it is international, national or local, there are mission trips where you can immerse yourself in service with other servant-hearted people. Check our www.idlewild.org/missions for opportunities. If none of those fit your schedule or finances, keep looking. One More Child and other organizations have missions opportunities as well.
•  Family time. If your children live at home with you, have a “no phone allowed” dinner out at least once a month. If the kids separate but near, plan a family weekend. If the kids live far away, plan a trip to see them.
•  Start reading. Start with the Bible. Three chapters a day gets you through the entire Bible in a year. Consider other good alternatives as well. The library at Idlewild, the Helen Enns Memorial Library, has excellent ready opportunities.

Try for margin in your finances and your time. It is nice to have money left at the end of the month rather than days left in the month at the end of your money. It is very calming to arrive somewhere ten minutes early. It also will surprise those folks who know you are always late!

You can also get creative with your ideas. Here are a few:

•  Try a new meal. Do it at least once a month, maybe even once a week.
•  Try a new restaurant. Depending on your finances, do it once every two weeks or once a month.
•  Buy some new fruit or vegetables. Look for fruits or veggies that you have never tried before. For example, Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is related to the cabbage family.

It’s common in Europe and Asia and is growing in popularity around the world. It’s a good source of nutrients, such as vitamin C and fiber. And you can enjoy kohlrabi raw or roasted and add it to salads, slaws, and stir-fries.
•   Pay someone a compliment every day. You will be amazed at the impact a “little” compliment will have. People respond positively to a positive attitude and a compliment.
•  Take a hike. Wherever you live, there is a place to walk. The Tampa Bat area has walking and hiking areas galore.
•  Get to know your neighbors. Most Americans know few of their neighbors. Don’t be like most Americans. Don’t conform to the patterns of their life. Romans 12:2. Engage with people and do the most unusual thing of all – listen to them.
•  Keep a gratitude journal. Most people take many daily blessings for granted. But writing down three things every day for which you are grateful. You will begin to see things in a new and more positive light.
•  Save a little bit every week. Set aside a few dollars every week. Two dollars a week adds up to $104 in a year. That can be spent or added to the emergency savings fund you already have (you have it because you took Financial Peace University, one of our earlier ideas).
•  Thin your herd. Go through your closet(s) and find things you haven’t worn or used in two years. Donate the good clothes and shoes to a foster closet in your area or to The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

And try this for 2023. Resolve to be more generous with God. He was certainly generous with you, John 3:16, and He certainly gave His life for you. Your L.I.F.E., your Labor, Influence, Financial resources and Expertise are all gifts from God to you. Everything you have is already His, 1 Chronicles 29:11-12, so use even more this new year as a means of giving Him glory.

About the Author

John Campbell has retired from a 40-year legal practice as a trial attorney in Tampa. He has served in multiple volunteer roles at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where he met Jesus. He began serving as the Executive Director of the Idlewild Foundation in 2016. He has been married to the love of his life, Mona Puckett Campbell, since 1972.

Idlewild’s Widow Ministry Restored

In July, The Idlewild Foundation and the Idlewild Women’s ministry combined to bless the widows of IBC. Before the pandemic Idlewild had a widow ministry, In His Image, that held monthly luncheons. But the pandemic and its seemingly never-ending health issues put an end to in-person meetings like that, even ones so important to good spiritual and emotional health.

But time passed and by mid-2022 it seemed overdue to offer some help and encouragement to our widows. So, we reached out to the Idlewild women’s ministry and got the ball rolling.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.
And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do,
but encourage one another,
especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.
Hebrews 10:24-25

There were several factors that called out that this was God’s timing:

  •  There was a generous donation given to the Foundation for widows.
  •  The previous head of the widow ministry had stepped down after 20 years of service and God provided a new volunteers to head it.
  •  All of the facilities and support needs fell into place with the incredible cooperation and hard work of the Idlewild special events team.

The only problem with the luncheon timing was that it fell ten days after John Campbell, the Executive Director of the Foundation, was to return from a mission trip to Atibaia, Brazil. But that seemed like enough time to deal with the final details and preparation. Satan worked to make things harder. The return flight was delayed by a day and John returned home with a mild case of Co-vid 19, but enough to keep him quarantined right up to July 8.

Still, with the extraordinary effort of Jodie Montgomery, Director of the Idlewild Women’s ministry, her volunteer helper, Keira Rinchuse, who made literally hundreds of phone calls, and the Idlewild Special Events team led by Nancy Reed, the luncheon happened and was a blessing. Also helping was the chairman of deacons Chris McNeal and a number of deacons who drove the cart from the parking lot, greeted the widows, and sat with them for a Carabbas meal and a dessert choice from Wright’s Gourmet Deli. Take-home treats were put together by the special events staff with an extra treat by the Fox family

Jodie led the luncheon and did a short devotion. But the best part of the luncheon was the fellowship with a deacon at each table and the widows spending precious time together.

The luncheons will resume regularly now, led by Terry Gilbaugh and Meredith Wester. The widow ministry will bear the new name, Silver Linings. Additionally, the widows will continue to be blessed through the generous gift to the Foundation which will also help support widows with particular needs that they cannot handle. This community effort shows the church at work in a big way. The church is not and should never be a building. Instead, the real church is a body of believers living in the rescuing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is what just happened.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
Helen Keller.