The Idlewild Foundation is almost entirely a volunteer charitable foundation.  We have secured donations that cover all of our overhead, ensuring that 100% of your donations go to the ministry of your choice, and nothing to our overhead, salaries or administrative operations.  But you may ask, “Aren’t foundations just about people who have loads of money or property?” The answer is an easy “No!” Foundations are for people seeking to recognize the blessings given by God in the form of their time, talents and treasures (money and assets). Do “little” donations matter? God says “Yes!” In Luke 21, Jesus praised the widow for giving two mites, all she had. To Jesus, “poor” has nothing to do with money.  To Jesus, being “poor” is about having a small heart and about a person’s weak spirit. God does not look at the objective size of the gift.  Instead, God only looks at the subjective size of the gift, at the giver’s heart, and at the amount that the giver holds back from Him.

Now, make it a bit more complicated.  Add to the truth stated above that most of our wealth is not money, but stuff; property, buildings, businesses, other physical things, and investments. Just try putting your car in the collection plate!  But those things can be given to God through The Idlewild Foundation. Their value will be determined at the time of donation, then the Foundation will provide to you the IRS required documentation to establish the donation as a deduction.  Come check us out and see what God has in store for you! We help with alternative means of giving, and these alternative means are often the most tax-wise ways to give to God.

Our daily operations are in the hands of John W. Campbell and Sam Shrieves. John has had a 40 year career as a trial attorney but has now retired and is our volunteer Executive Director. Sam has had a successful career in banking and has now retired as well. They can be reached as follows:

Sam Shrieves

Director of Operations

Tampa, FL
Linda Wilson

Executive Assistant

Tampa, FL
John W. Campbell

Executive Director

Tampa, FL