The Idlewild Foundation exists to serve our Lord Jesus. We also enjoy serving those who love Him. We are able to offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Support for more than 50 foster families caring for more than 80 foster children. We help in a wide variety of ways including counseling and therapy, connecting them with caring people who can help, and assisting with financial support. For more details and to find out how you can be a part of this, click here.
  • Free estate planning to widows and widowers who are members of Idlewild Baptist Church.
  • Seminars and educational opportunities for people of all ages. We hold an annual estate planning seminar and have added a seminar for parents and their college-bound students to better prepare them for the future. 
  • An undergraduate college, vocational, and technical school scholarship program for active Idlewild members with a financial need. Click here to go to our scholarship page for more details.
  • We were blessed by a generous couple who were themselves blessed by God’s generosity. They wanted to establish an endowment which would generate funds into the future and even past their work-days and lifetime to help support Idlewild Baptist Church. Since they established this endowment, thousands of additional dollars have been added to it by donors and all the proceeds go to the ministries of Idlewild Baptist Church. That is lasting and heartfelt generosity that is making a difference in the lives of many – and you can join in! Ask us how.
  • Financial assistance for persons seeking to adopt.
  • We offer guidance and wise financial counsel for those struggling with financial difficulties.
  • We offer Christ-focused donor advised funds and we counsel donors as to the advantages and operation of such funds.
  • We help and support the widow ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church.
  • We give grants to Idlewild Baptist Church and to Christian ministries that exist to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

And that is only a small part of what God allows us to do! What we offer is without cost and is done as a service to our Lord. Call us for more information and see if we can help.

Lighting Up a Field
Through the generous donations of many people, God allowed The Idlewild Foundation to raise the funds to light the ball fields of the Ken Whitten Sports Complex at Idlewild Baptist Church. This has added many hours of additional available time for sports practice and activities and has greatly increased the outreach capabilities of the recreation ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church.
Hope Starts Here
In mid-2018 The Idlewild Foundation as asked for a grant of $100,000 to allow Hope Street of Tampa Bay along with One More Child to complete the purchase of 17 acres to develop a Compassion Center to better allow them to minister to the needs of the Sulpher Springs area. We said yes, the purchase was completed and groundbreaking is November 3, 2022!
A Growing Foster Care Community
In 2020, The Idlewild Foundation started supporting Tampa Bay area foster care ministries and the foster care ministry of Idlewild Baptist Church. We serve through our Fund 1:27 and a wide variety of support and services. These have helped Idlewild's foster care ministry nearly double in size and numbers. We love the support God has allowed us to offer. And we love and honor the service our foster parents are doing for "the least of these."