Planned Giving Means Stewardship

Many give to their church or their favorite charities during their lives out of their income and based upon their ability. That giving is an act of stewardship, but only one of many God expects. Stewardship is not just about your money. Instead, true stewardship is about your whole life and all that God has given to you. Your estate plan can and should reflect that.

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God was creative in Genesis 1. Just look at a butterfly and compare it to an aardvark to see how creative He was. Add to that the fact that you were made in His image and the idea of creativity becomes special. You were made with an innate creativity. God also was incredibly generous and we are made to be generous as well. You can learn to generously give and to do it creatively, legally and wisely.

Don’t Wait Until You Die - Put Your Retirement Funds and Assets to Work for Yourself and for God Now

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) can create surprising income tax problems for your retirement. So can selling highly appreciated assets. The IRS wants the government’s “share.” There are many legal ways to reduce or even eliminate money paid to the U. S. Treasury, create life income for yourself and serve God too!

Give a Gift Before or When You Die and Leave a Legacy


Plan now to make giving to God part of your estate plan. A gift through your estate plan is easy and a blessing. It can also be one of the best memories you can leave of God’s faithfulness to you and of your faith in Him. Your legacy is what you leave behind and your estate plan may contain the largest gift you ever make and the greatest message you leave behind as your legacy. Make it about your God. That is a legacy you can leave to your family with eternal blessings!

There is a lot to know

Estate planning often goes hand-in-hand with planned giving; they are related but are not the same. Estate planning can be very self-oriented and can ignore the inherit charitable foundation of the phrase planned giving or, as is more popular with some, gift planning. Estate planning is for everyone at every asset level while planned giving more often involves persons with higher asset levels. But there is another and perhaps better way to look at it.