The Donor Advised Fund, or Giving Fund, is a powerful and amazingly simple way to manage your charitable giving. Thousands of individuals and families choose a Giving Fund because a Giving Fund is:

  • Simple – In minutes, you can open a Giving Fund online, contribute assets, and start recommending grants to your favorite charities, including Idlewild Baptist Church or The Idlewild Foundation. You can also make contributions in one year for tax purposes while prayerfully deciding what you’d like to recommend for support now or over time, even over several years. There is a link at the top of our webpage to NCF or click here to go to the page where you can start to set up your own Giving Fund.
  • Smart – You’ll enjoy better tax benefits than giving to a private foundation. Your Fund also makes it easy to donate appreciated non-cash assets for the greatest tax advantage.
  • Convenient – You can track your Fund online, 24/7. You can view your balance and history, easily run a report to see all gifts to a particular ministry, set up recurring grant recommendations so checks go out automatically, and print one simple receipt at tax time.
  • Christian – Unlike secular donor-advised funds, the Giving Fund has Biblical guidelines. This means the money you give will only go to Christian ministries or other public charities that don’t conflict with Christian values.
  • Anonymous – Your Giving Fund is entirely removed from public searches, and grant checks can go out from your Fund without your name on them, if you choose.
  • Growing – You can choose an appropriate investment strategy for your Fund and then watch it grow.
  • Great for families – Imagine a family conference and the discussion over what ministries or charities to give to from your Family Giving Fund. It is an opportunity to demonstrate to your children how giving happens, how generous decisions are made, how giving is and should always be a part of a faith-based life and how giving is actually fun.
  • If you want to learn more, give us a call at (813) 264-8713, or call The National Christian Foundation.