Setting aside the far more important spiritual issues about eternity, there are either two or three questions on the minds of persons as they think responsibly about their own retirement and then about what will happen at the end of their lives here on earth. They are:

   1) How much will my spouse and I need for our living expenses? 

   2) What can or should we pass on to our children, family and friends – and when?

Finally, the third question is not reached in all cases, but it is the question that determines whether there is planned giving or estate planning happening. It is:

   3) Would we rather leave a part of our estate to our favorite charities (and God should certainly be at the top of that list), or to the government?

But even estate planning is a lot more than just a will. Read the articles listed below and learn more about details you have to seriously consider to have a responsible and complete estate plan, whether you include planned giving or not. The additional resources you need to read are:

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