Benefits of theGiving Fund

Thousands of individuals and families across the country are using an NCF Giving Fund as a simpler, more effective alternative to direct-to-charity giving or using a private foundation. You can manage your giving online anytime, give anonymously, and even select investment options for growth.

The Giving Fund is a powerful way to manage your charitable giving.

Thousands of individuals and families choose a Giving Fund because it’s:

  • Simple – In minutes, you can open a Fund online, contribute assets, and start recommending grants to your favorite charities. You can also make contributions in one year for tax purposes while prayerfully deciding what you’d like to recommend for support now or over time.
  • Smart – You’ll enjoy better tax benefits than giving to a private foundation. Your Fund also makes it easy to donate appreciated non-cash assets for the greatest tax advantage.
  • Convenient – You can track your Fund online, 24/7. You can view your balance and history, easily run a report to see all gifts to a particular ministry, set up recurring grant recommendations so checks go out automatically, and print one simple receipt at tax time.
  • Christian – Unlike secular donor-advised funds, the Giving Fund has biblical guidelines. This means the money you give will only go to Christian ministries or other public charities that don’t conflict with Christian values, such as your alma mater or the arts.
  • Anonymous – Your Fund is entirely removed from public searches, and grant checks can go out from your Fund without your name on them, if you choose.
  • Growing – You can choose an appropriate investment strategy for your Fund and then watch it grow.
  • For more information, go to Giving is even better with a Giving Fund by authored by the National Christian Foundation.

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How itworks

Think of a Giving Fund as a brokerage account – but instead of investing in companies by buying stocks and mutual funds, you’re investing in God’s Kingdom by giving to the ministries and causes closest to your heart.

You make tax-deductible gifts into your Fund, and then you recommend grants from that Fund over time.

How it works:

  • Start your Giving Fund today by filling out a short application. It’s fast and easy to do.
  • Make a suggested initial contribution of $10,000 or more in assets. You can generally take an immediate tax deduction for your gift and contribute as often as you like.
  • Select one of our investment portfolios (depending on the size of your balance), which gives your Fund the potential to grow tax-free.
  • Recommend grants to charities from your Fund by going online or contacting us. You can take months – even years – to decide which causes to support, and we send the grant checks out for you.

Open a Fund Today

Reviews:“There’s no simpler way to give.”

When Ida Bell became overwhelmed with the challenging family dynamics, burdensome administrative duties, and restrictive tax requirements of her family’s private foundation, she decided to use an NCF Giving Fund instead … read reviews from her and others


One of the best advantages of a Giving Fund is that you’re able to claim an immediate tax deduction for your gift – yet take the time to prayerfully consider which charities you wish to support. Meanwhile, Funds with a balance above $50,000 can grow through one of NCF’s investment portfolios

Costs of aGiving Fund

When you choose to work with us, you’re supporting a ministry. Every day, we play a vital role in helping further the work of God’s Kingdom around the world. To fund the variety of solutions and resources we provide, NCF retains a small monthly assessment from each Giving Fund … learn more