When you choose to work with The Idlewild Foundation and NCF, you do more than gain a partner in giving. You support a ministry. Every day, we play a vital role in helping fund the completion of the Great Commission. While we aren’t the “hands and feet” in ministry – we’re not the ones passing out Bibles or serving hot meals to the needy – we are an integral component of funding such work.

To fund the variety of solutions and resources NCF provides, NCF retains a small monthly assessment from each Giving Fund. This assessment is accrued daily, based on the ending Fund balance for that day (for example: 1/365th of 1 percent per day), and is assessed to your Fund on a monthly basis.  These are fees of NCF and are subject to change by NCF, so please check with them to make certain their fee schedule has not been updated. Check with NCF just in case their fees have changed since this page was last updated.

For Fund balances up to $5,000,000

First $1,000,0001.00 percent
Next $1,000,000.85 percent
Next $1,000,000.75 percent
Next $2,000,000  .50 percent

For Fund balances over $5,000,000

Account Allocation
First $5,000,000.72 percent
Next $5,000,000.45 percent
Balance.35 percent

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