Thousands of givers across the country are experiencing the simplicity and power of the Giving Fund, and they’ve got great things to say. Here’s a few stories of impact:

An easier way to give

“NCF’s approach to the donor-advised fund is not to try and take your hands off the money, but rather to give you a vehicle that makes it easier for you to give.”
– Clay Carlile, Marshall, TX

A liberating experience

“There’s no simpler way to give than the Giving Fund. Nothing could be more simple or effective. Giving this way really is a liberating experience.”
– Ida Bell, Atlanta, GA

More than we ever imagined

“NCF gives me the opportunity to donate appreciated stock to my Giving Fund, avoid the capital gains tax, and provide those funds for Christian ministry immediately. We’ve been able to give more than we ever imagined.”
– Bill Kinschner, Mills River, NC

We have the same mission

“I chose NCF because we have the same mission and the same family approach to giving. Our Giving Fund allows us to involve our daughter at a very early age so she’s learning that everything we have is for God’s glory.”
– Karen Robinson Cope, Atlanta, GA

An immediate sense of trust

“When I consider that NCF has been around for almost 30 years and the quality of people that are on their Board of Directors, that gives me an immediate sense of trust.”
– Billy Wareing Houston, TX