Event Details

Date & Time: May 1st, 2021: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Shiloh Farms
Odessa Florida

Please note that Generous Giving, the organization with which we partner for all Journeys of Generosity (JOGs), has requested that due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, that we forgo any JOGs or gatherings at this time. This is heartbreaking, but we all know that God’s people, especially His generous people (and they are one and the same), will not stop their generosity because of this. In fact, this is the time for those who recognize God’s heart, to step forward with renewed provocative generosity and love!

The Idlewild Foundation is hosting a series of Journeys of Generosity, or JOGs. These are what we call times of conversation and reflection, sharing, praying and listening to both God and others. Despite the word “generosity,” there is no “ask” as a part of these JOGs. A JOG is NOT a solicitation, but instead is a sharing of God’s grace and the Gospel. Generosity isn’t a destination – it is a lifelong journey. We hope to demonstrate and show that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive!

Our hope is that people will begin to realize the amazing generosity God has displayed in our lives and how we are called to pass it on in our lives through sharing our L.I.F.E., our Labor, our Influence, our Financial resources, and our Expertise. You can actually hear from the man who demonstrates that L.I.F.E of generosity in amazing ways and by doing that, he lives out that acronym and his faith in Jesus. In 2020 we will have JOGs scheduled monthly. Call our office for more details. (813) 264-8713.

These events are for everyone and are without cost to you! Quite literally, there is “no ask” or solicitation. These JOGs are not even about giving to Idlewild Baptist Church, The Idlewild Foundation, or any religious organization – they are about generosity, a natural reaction to the generosity God has displayed to us!

A JOG is a combination of discipleship group, retreat, and conversation about the generosity God has displayed in our lives and about our response. They are a time of reflection, prayer and growing in a closer walk with jesus.