While flowers are always a possible gift, quite frankly, Mom’s deserve even more than a truckload of flowers. That is literally true. Salary.com several years ago estimated it would cost $113,586 to replace a mother’s services just based upon the 10 most time-consuming tasks.

Others put the estimated value of her services higher. Insure.com put the 2022 figure at over $126,000 per year.

Here is a chart from 2013 listing only 14 tasks which has a lowball estimate of just under $60,000 per year.

So, load up the truck with flowers and it still isn’t enough. Even at $60,000 per year, Mom’s job is no cheap job; it’s a ton of work and it’s 24 x 7 x 365 with on holiday pay, no overtime and no vacations.

You can even find a selfish reason to celebrate Mother’s Day. And it is a Biblically solid reason. God told is in Exodus 20:12:

Exodus 20:12
12  “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.

Honoring your father and mother will lengthen your life! And some have measured that scientifically and have discovered that it is true because good family relations often turn into a longer, less stressful and more satisfying life.

But that leaves us with a question. What does it mean to honor one’s father and mother? God tells us a lot about that. The Hebrew word kavod (Eng., honor) indicates worth and value, resulting in praise. It actually means weighted or heavy, suggesting the respect we should pay to Mom is a lot; she is a big deal! In fact, at times kavod is translated as glory, showing just how serious this honor should be.

But the Bible does not instruct us in how that kavod, or honor, is to be given. That is no surprise since our relationship with God is personal just as our relationships with our parents is. How you give honor to mom is very personal and is entirely up to you.

There should be no excuses. Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. Put it on your calendar as a repeating event.

Dates for Mother’s Day Date

Mother’s Day 2023 Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mother’s Day 2024 Sunday, May 12, 2024

Mother’s Day 2025 Sunday, May 11, 2025

Mother’s Day 2026 Sunday, May 10, 2026

Here are a few ideas for that special celebration and honor to your Mom. What works best for you and Mom will be very dependent upon age, where she lives, your family history and a lot more, but that’s why I offer a variety of ideas of different types and sizes. Regardless of the idea, the best part is that the costs come in far less than even the low figure of $60,000 per year!

1. Give more than a bouquet of flowers

Flowers die quickly and are too easy and too common to be that special gift.

Don’t ignore the idea of flowers, some Moms love them and that is exactly what they want. Just don’t make flowers your automatic go-to gift or your only gift.

If Mom has a green thumb or even an available garden area, get her a pot of flowers that can be planted. It will actually be less expensive than the usual bouquet of flowers, will last for years, assuming you don’t choose annuals, and will give her a lasting memory of your love and thoughtfulness.

Then take it to the next level. Deliver the flowers yourself and offer to plant them yourself. That may mean an extra trip to visit her, one with a few tools and maybe a trip to a restaurant with her.

But not all Mom’s have green thumbs. Choose instead some plants that are almost impossible to kill, ones that require little or almost no attention, infrequent watering and, yes, they still look great.

Your local garden store, Lowes or Home Depot can help.

2. Don’t just take her to dinner, bring dinner to her

And cook it yourself! Recipes of all sizes, shapes and flavors are available online with a simple search.

But remember, you get to clean up too.

3. Do a special brunch date

If you’re not close enough to have a brunch with Mom, do it virtually. Have the ingredients delivered to her door using DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, or some similar service, then set up a Zoom brunch with the whole family.

There are many opportunities for creative touches. Bake a casserole and drop by, add a cake or cupcakes, with a flourish of candles! It does not have to be a birthday or holiday to celebrate and honor Mom.

4. Take Mom to a movie or watch her favorite movie with her at home

Going to a movie is always fun. You get to buy a bucket of popcorn and splurge.

There are few movies not available either livestreamed or on DVD if you plan ahead. There is even such a thing as a teleparty if Mom is far away. Check out Teleparty, formerly Netflix Teleparty.

5. It’s time for a picnic

While not all Moms are outdoor-types, some love the idea. Mother’s Day is in May which in Florida is usually dry. Pack a picnic and head to a local park. You don’t have to sit on the ground, which might be tough for some. There are public parks almost everywhere with tables and benches. Take a better chair if needed – that special touch will make her feel special. She is!


And hand-pack the picnic basket yourself. The extra attention and effort will be worth it. If you are unsure what works best or how to do this, check out Almanac’s picnic ideas.

6. Don’t buy a card, make one

Store-bought cards are nice, but personally made cards add that special touch for a special person. There are many available apps that allow you to inexpensively make a personal card. By inexpensive, I mean just the cost of the paper, card stock, ink and envelope. About the most expensive part of the whole process will be the stamp.

One example is Canva.com, But you can check out several at this site. As an alternative, you can use a commonly available program that comes with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher.

Or just do it the old-fashioned way and handwrite a letter to your mother. Share a memory of you and your mom. Nothing could bring more joy.

7. Add to that card

You don’t have to stop with just a card. Making up a gift basket with goodies isn’t hard. It just takes some time, but then so did changing your diapers when you were a baby! A trip to a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s can get you a basket as well as many contents. Drop by a Bath and Body Works or similar store and pick up a fragrant hand wash and lotion, then got by a grocery store and find some of her favorite cookies and treats. That makes a pretty full basket.

And if these ideas don’t fit, don’t quit looking. There are online sites with many, many ideas, suggestions and links. Keep looking and celebrate with Mom. She is a gift from God (just as you were to her).

About the Author

John Campbell has retired from a 40-year legal practice as a trial attorney in Tampa. He has served in multiple volunteer roles at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where he met Jesus. He began serving as the Executive Director of the Idlewild Foundation in 2016. He has been married to the love of his life, Mona Puckett Campbell, since 1972.